Affordable Housing Crisis Information Group

We work to help you find Affordable Housing and or Temporary Housing Shelter Options, United States Wide

About Us



Mission: Strengthening Communities knowledge of Affordable Housing & Resources

Providing resources to assist the Homeless and Low-income populations find permanent or short-term Affordable Housing and or Emergency Crisis Shelters. Recognizing the lack of Affordable Housing and Resource knowledge provided to the low-income communities in the United States. Many Affordable housing programs are based on HUD Federal and State Regulations, for the general public, this is considered mind boggling.  Our purpose is to capitalize in detail on the individual Housing needs, providing information and tools to help clients obtain Affordable Housing and or Emergency Shelter.

1. Affordable housing production and community building

2. Providing the Homeless and Low-income populations with community resources throughout the United States.


The following Public Assistance provided: 

Information on Affordable Housing Devolvement’s, Private Owners, Homeless Shelters and Housing Authorities within clients desired areas.

Information on Affordable Housing devolvement’s, Private Owners, Homeless Shelters and Housing Authorities with rapid waiting list movement.

Affordable Housing applications for all Open and Upcoming waiting list.  (Updated Weekly)

Emergency Crisis Shelters information within clients desired areas.

Valuable Resources to assistance Homeless and Low-income families.     (Private Owners, Welcome)

Information on Higher Market Rate areas within the United States, to assist higher income families and individuals searching for Affordable Housing.  


Martel Strange, Excutive Director 

Over 15 years in Affordable Housing Inspections and City Code Enforcement. Certified in several aspects of HUD Inspections.

John Peterson, Director

Over 25 years experience in the Affordable Housing and Real Estate Industry. Certified in several HUD and Real Estate required certifications.