Affordable Housing Crisis Information Group

We work to help you find Affordable Housing and or Temporary Housing Shelter Options, United States Wide

Training Program Certificates


We are now accepting applications for our 2017-2018 Self-Sufficiency, Self-Confidence & Workforce Development Training Programs!

Our intivated programs are designed to help very low-income families and individuals sustain financial stability through counseling, education and housing assistance.

We offer a multitude of non-accreded cretifed training programs and services which include:

·         Customer Service Leadership skills

·         Advance Management

·         Property Management

·         Case Management

·         Standard Property Inspections

·         Standard Tax Prepertation

·         IRC 501(c) Section 503 Subpart C

·         Immragtion Consoling

·         Domustic Volieance

·         Humaity

·         Disaster relief


(1) You must meet certain income qualifications to receive free training.

(2) You must be a member of A.H.C.I.G to participate in the above training programs.


We welcome Volunteers and Sponsors to assist us in servicing our families.  


Dream Your Accomplishments & Strive to Accomplish Your Dreams.

Thank you,


Please email Laura London for class schedules at

       Toll Free : (800) 517-3790
 Local Phone : (925) 231-1681
                Fax: (925) 232-6253 

P.O Box 508157 American Canyon, CA 94503